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Magda Kamal Yoga

We were approached by Magda, a yoga instructor from London who needed help in taking her venture to the next level. Initially, she only wanted a short promo video that she could send to potential employers but as we talked, we noticed other areas for improvement.

The project started with one-day discovery session where we focused on the brand attributes, target audience, and prioritisation exercises. The outcome of each activity helped us develop an initial strategy and a plan of action.



While brainstorming the ideas for the name, we kept in mind the client’s brand statement, mainly the fact that she provides a refreshing view on traditional yoga. We knew the client uses Sanskrit names of poses in her classes, so we made a list of terms associated with yoga and researched them. This is how we found word ‘kamal’ which means ‘lotus’ in Hindu.



The client focuses on the medical aspect of yoga and its health benefits. She also designs her own sequences for each class which we found fascinating! They consist of drawn stick men followed by notes about pose’s name and its benefits. We decided to combine these two ideas and designed a simple yet modern and clean logo that shows a person sitting in a lotus pose, their legs forming an infinity symbol, a concept of never ending possibilities.


We decided that one-page portfolio site linked to client’s social media accounts will be a good starting point in her career. She could send potential clients and employers to the website where they’ll be able to read about her qualifications and services she offers. In the future, the client would like to start a blog and an online video course.

You can view her website here.

Promotional Video

We produced a short promotional video of Magda talking about yoga, health benefits, and classes she instructs. We wanted to show how passionate she is about teaching and that yoga is for everybody, no matter the age or fitness level. We spent a day with her filming three of her classes as well as a personal training in the local park. The music used in the video was composed especially for this piece.


Social Media

We supplied Magda with additional materials for her social media accounts which included a number of photographs, motivational quotes graphics, short Instagram videos and social media banners. Below are just a few examples of the graphics.

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