Strategic Design Consultancy

for businesses in medical, health
and wellbeing sector

We are a creative media consultancy that assists businesses in medical, health and wellbeing sector with strategy, branding and design.


We help you to advance your business, define your goals and build relationships with your clients.

the process

Through strategy, brand exercises, user’s journey and prioritisation we guide you to a desirable solution.
Every step of the process has a meaning, and only when you clarified your business goals and brand perception, we start the design work.


We analyse your brand, customer segmentation and business goals.
Together, we align your team towards a defined direction.


We form a plan of action and through creative brief and style scapes, establish
the methods for visual representation of your business.


We carefully evaluate the ideas and decisions you made, and commence the work to bring your brand to life.

You wouldn’t prescribe a medicine without the full diagnose. We look at design in the same way. To establish a brand and develop an identity for your business, you need to analyse the condition and prepare the foundations. Only by identifying the problems, you can prescribe a correct remedy, the right strategy.

The design is the last part of the process, the outcome of planning and careful examination.


We offer a range of strategy and design services for businesses. If you have anything that you wish to talk about, don’t hesitate to contact us.


brand strategy and planning
user profiles and journeys
brand positioning

graphic design

visual identity systems
logo design
printed deliverables
digital deliverables

web design

website design
user interface design
user experience design
mobile design


video production
audio production

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